Development of Care Service Tasks

All Happens in Time – Foresee the Time Needed

  • All care service tasks take time.
  • Time plan helps to identify the number of personnel needed.
  • Time plan helps to draw up time and personnel plans.
  • Times must be consistent and specific for any given task.
  • Time plan helps to accurately estimate costs.

Care Service Planning Aims to

  • Produce high quality care services financially profitably.
  • Estimate the need of personnel.
  • Define the need for equipment.
  • Equally share responsibilities.
  • Help choose the right task for any given situation
  • Help estimate costs.

The Effect of Good Tasks on Care Services

  • The workload of personnel equalises
  • Trustworthiness and time of delivery of care services are specified
  • Work place order improves
  • Work instructions are clarified
  • Flexibility develops
  • Work equipment develops
  • Cost estimates become accurate
  • Re-organising and expansions become logical
  • Wages become accurate

Quality and Tasks

Tasks together with professional skills contribute to the quality and outcome of work. Once specific quality standards have been set, financially most profitable tasks, which fulfil the standards, are located.

With the help of care service planning, options for tasks can easily be compared and right, safe and financial tasks selected. Good planning leads to high-quality and productive care service.

Maintaining Personnel’s Ability to Work

PHASE 1: Estimating the needV

Start-up meeting and meeting the personnel

Info / training for personnel

Review of the current state of services
– interviews, discussion, questionnaires
– reporting on one’s work

On the basis of the interim report, the goals and extent of development work are decided on.

PHASE 2: Development work

Circumstances for the development are created

Creating and ensuring the preconditions for services (planning with AIKA+ Hoiva)

A follow-up system is created for improvement (continuing development work with AIKA+ Hoiva))

Training and tutoring personnel to new practices

Documentation of new practices

Agreeing on the follow-up when client’s needs change. Goals and planning may be flexibly altered. (controlling changes with AIKA+ Hoiva)

Results of Development

  • Leadership changes from giving orders and supervising to creating and ensuring preconditions for the services
  • Improve the fluency of service production, availability, quality, and profitability
  • Enable You to compare and choose the right, safe and financially sensible method for each task.