AIKA+ Hoiva Service

Development Services

We offer development services of the tasks for the specific needs of the care service producer.

Primary service product is the development of care service production. Developmental projects include the calculation of manpower and costs, and comparison of tasks and methods.

  • With AIKA+ Hoiva, we can calculate the time and cost significance of current tasks.
  • We can show time and cost significance based on clients and as a summary.
  • We can show how the development of tasks improves the quality, availability, efficiency, costs and evaluation of the right number of personnel.
  • We can also produce work research on care services specifically for the clients needs. In this way we gain information on task times, which enables us to calculate the time and cost for each task.

Task planning can be continued from this standpoint in the future and utilise the already researched task times.

Clients can also easily continue personnel planning for care services with AIKA+ Hoiva, or order a new developing service when there is need for updating.